Fire crew ambushed


The Mirror, 02/10/2002, p10

BOTTLE-WIELDING thugs deliberately lured firefighters into a dead end
to launch a vicious attack.
The fire crew from Parkhead Station in Glasgow found themselves trapped
by the terrors who then bombarded them with bricks and broken bottles.
Shockingly, it was just one of three unprovoked attack on fire crews on
the same night and last night one senior fireman warned someone will
Worried John McDonald, of the Fire Brigade Union’s executive council,
said: “We are coming under increasingly vicious attacks by gangs and it
cannot be allowed to go on.
“What is really frightening is how well organised and planned these
attacks are.
“Our firefighters have no option but to attend fires whenever they’re
called out.
“But they know themselves when they are heading down dead ends what
they might confront and things are getting worse.
“We’ve had guys shot, injured by bricks, stones and bottles and are
being faced by youths with knives.
“It is only going to be a matter of time before someone is either badly
injured or even killed.”
The attack, on Monday night, happened around the same time as two other
crews were under siege.
A crew from Cowcaddens fire station, called to a fire in Pinkston Road,
north Glasgow, were faced down by knife-wielding youths.
The blaze turned out to be rubbish on fire, almost certainly started by
the same gang to lure the brigade out.
A third attack came in Thrushcraig Crescent, Paisley, when around a
dozen youths hurled missiles at firefighters tackling a burning
Just a month ago, the Daily Mirror revealed how brave firefighter Alan
Goodwillie, 44, cheated death after being shot by a high-powered air
rifle as he rushed to an emergency in Lanarkshire.
And in May, firefighter Keith Allan suffered terrible cuts to his head
and neck when glass shattered as a fire engine came under assault from
teeny thugs.
* POLICE are looking into an incident which left a postie running for
his life when a gang of young hooligans launched a terrifying attack.
The gang of eight teenagers hurled a steel bar, stones and bottles at
the man as he tried to complete his round in Aberdeen’s Middlefield
area on Monday.
Nothing hit the terrified postie but he was forced to flee to safety.
Police have since stepped up patrols around the area to prevent a
repeat incident taking place.
The gang of youths have verbally abused the man on his round before.
Union boss Derek Stuart, of the Grampian and Shetland CWU branch, said:
“It is absolutely shocking that a postman delivering mail is subjected
to these terrible threats of violence.



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